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Salvadoran Human Rights Defender Tour Standing up to Disappearance in the Midst of Violence

St. Michaels and All Angels Church
1704 NE 43rd Avenue Portland, Oregon

Marina Ortiz, Founder and Director of ASDEHU, Human Rights Defender, Lawyer. María Yolanda Mejía, Pedro Antonio Leiva, María Francisca Gómez Vda de Ramos and Karina Letran Ramos de Marroquín; Relatives of Recently Disappeared Youth, Human Rights Defenders. Bethany Loberg, International Rep. ASDEHU, Interpreter.

Forcibly disappeared by the Salvadoran military as an infant, Marina did not learn her real name or meet her family until she was 18, through the work of Pro-Busqueda, a human rights organization that searches for children disappeared during the Salvadoran civil war. Marina worked for over a decade uniting other Salvadoran families torn apart by the forced disappearance of their children and advocating for justice for gross human rights violations during the war. Recently Marina began working with families whose youth are being disappeared in the current context of violence and founded ASDEHU, the Salvadoran Human Rights Association together with other human rights professionals to apply their knowledge and experience to this situation.