Love Knows No Borders Reflections

Pat Rumer

Two things remain with me - both are challenges personally.

Traci's call to show up with love and that acting with love is resistance to all the hateful isms. The challenge came when I approached the wall and saw the Border Patrol in riot gear and knew and know in my heart that they are not evil, but the system that employs them is.  Border Patrol agents have killed people at the border and people have died in their custody. How to approach an armed border patrol agent with love? No answers.


The other dissonance or contrast came between the poster one person held showing the Holy family fleeing to Egypt for safety - it said:  Welcome the Stranger. That is what we are doing and that is acting with love. But when I look at the cold rusted iron fence descending into the sea, it is hard to know if I/we are doing enough.

The hope came from the community of faith and good will that I was privileged to join on December 10th.