A Letter to Our Friends waiting at our Southern Border...

In light of President Trump’s recent Oval Office address, several members of IMIrJ’s PDX Advocacy Team composed this letter to our friends at the Southern Border. We invite congregations to lift up the individuals and families most impacted by our nation’s immigration policies and the shutdown in your services and prayers this weekend. Feel free to use this letter or compose your own prayer or litany.

A Letter to Our Friends waiting at our Southern Border

A Commitment to Welcome the Stranger

by: Maxine Fookson & Jack Smith, IMIrJ PDX Advocacy Team

Dear Friends who have traveled so far and through much difficulty to reach the U.S. border with such hope,
Today we send you our greetings of friendship and of welcome.

Today we acknowledge that indeed there is a “Crisis of the Heart and a Crisis of the Soul.”
Today we know that these crises come when a heart is not filled with love and when a soul is not full with compassion and generosity.

The crisis is now when our nation fails to live up to our moral calling to welcome the stranger and to make sure there is room for all at the table.

You were called Illegal Aliens.
We call you brothers, sisters, friends, & family.
You were blamed for many of the problems in this country.
We say that immigrants bring richness, diversity that we cherish, and add to the beautiful fabric of our nation.

We apologize that lies and accusations have been used to create fear in this country. We realize that our nation holds much of the responsibility for the causes of violence, poverty and wars that have caused you to flee from your beloved lands and families. We regret that your journey has been so hard and where you should be met with comfort food and shelter, you find instead tear gas, a wall and guns. We weep as we let your children be mistreated and even to die.

Dear Friends, this is the crisis of our hearts and souls in our nation.

We send you our pledge to join our hands with yours, to tear down the walls that separate us.

We send you our pledge to welcome you with love, to heal your weary feet that have carried you to this land with hopes and dreams. We join together with you so that our united hearts and souls can heal the world that is so broken.