ICE Out Of Oregon Petition

ICE Out of Oregon Petition

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safe, inclusive and welcoming communities. ICE’s actions at our courthouses and entanglement with local law enforcement is making our communities less safe.

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Keeping Oregon Courthouses
Safe & Accessible for All


Oregon Chief Justice Martha Walters has the power to issue a ruling that explicitly prohibits ICE arrests in and around our courthouses. In December, a group of Oregon advocates and service providers submitted a formal request to the chief justice urging her to do just that. Advocates hoped for a speedy reply. Unfortunately, months have gone by without a resolution. Meanwhile, New York's Court has issued a similar directive, and a recent injunction has prohibited ICE arrests in Massachusetts courthouses.

On July 3rd, IMIrJ sent Justice Walters this letter, signed in less than 5 days by nearly 300 clergy across the state, urging her to take action. On July 8th, Justice Walters indicated that she wants more information from ICE, effectively further delaying her decision. Now we are asking community members to follow up, and ensure Chief Justice Walters knows that keeping ICE out of our courthouses is urgent and a priority for Oregonians. Please call Justice Walters today!

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