IMIrJ is a vibrant and growing community of diverse faith communities, faith leaders, and individuals, led by love and committed to advancing immigrant justice. Founded in 2006, IMIrJ is in relationship with leaders from over 140 congregations throughout the state of Oregon.

We steward and sustain the mission and vision of the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice together, recognizing the diversity of gifts among us. We invite congregations and individuals to prayerfully consider how they will help grow our capacity to transform policies, hearts and minds through their leadership, faithful presence, and financial contributions.

What does it mean to be an Individual Sustainer?
Sustainers commit to making an ongoing monthly financial contribution to the mission and vision of IMIrJ. Whether your monthly gift is $5 or $55 or $550, each individual gift helps sustain IMIrJ’s long-term accompaniment, organizing, and advocacy work. In mutuality, IMIrJ staff and leaders commit to convene meaningful gatherings, actions, campaigns, and opportunities to faithfully and courageously advance immigrant justice in Oregon.     

What does it mean to be a Congregational Steward?
Stewards give at a sliding scale of $250 to $2500 annually depending on the congregation’s size and capacity. While there is no set dollar amount connected to congregational size, we invite teams to select an amount that works for your budget and goals for immigrant justice. In mutuality, IMIrJ staff and leaders commit to accompanying your congregation as you faithfully and courageously answer the call to stand in solidarity with immigrants and refugees.       

Thank you!

IMIrJ Stewards and Sustainers help grow a community of people of faith and conscience that believe everyone,
regardless of race, immigration status, and country of origin, deserves to live a full life free from fear.