No On Ballot Measure 105

Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice urges a NO vote on Measure 105

As religious leaders and people of faith, we are called to walk to together,
to welcome newcomers to our communities, and to treat each other as neighbors and family.  
Immigrants in Oregon are part of our families, communities, workplaces and places of worship.

We urge all people of faith to reject profiling and preserve our state as a sanctuary.
As people of conscience, we urge you to Vote NO on Measure 105.

Sister Kathy Beckley, SNJM, Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus and Mary
Bishop Dave Brauer-Rieke, Oregon Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Rabbi Benjamin Barnett, Havurah Shalom
Imam Muhsen Al Dhalimy
Gurpreet Singh, Sikh Center of Oregon

Vote NO on Measure 105

Would you or your faith community like to endorse our statement as well? Check back soon for a google form where you will be able to add your voice to our collective efforts to defeat ballot measure 105 and keep our