Current IMIrJ Board

Robert Brown – Great-grandson of immigrants from Latvia and Lithuania. Citizen human rights activist with community organizing training from the Industrial Areas Foundation. Works as an ally to the immigrant community because his "first generation immigrant family members and their experiences in coming to the U.S. compares to experiences of our immigrant brothers and sisters today." Bob seeks to organize against xenophobia, hate of the 'other,' and to support welcome and inclusion of immigrants.  Active member of the Advocacy Work Team; represents IMIrJ with Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition, One Oregon, and Portland Ready. Member of Havurah Shalom synagogue. Current Treasurer.

Victoria Hiller– Portland native and graduate of International Studies. Served with Habitat for Humanity-Oakland and as intern for IMIrJ’s (then ONSM) Development and Communications team. Works with Multnomah County Adult Care Home Program. Member of First Immanuel Lutheran Church. Active IMIrJ volunteer and leader of the Education Work Team. Current President.

Rita Jiménez - As daughter, wife and granddaughter of immigrants, immigrant rights are part of Rita’s DNA. From Tucson, AZ – hub for Sanctuary work since the wars in Central America – she has lived in Costa Rica and traveled widely throughout Central America and México. Passionate about the role  people of faith play in advancing human rights and creating a beloved community. She's been an member of St. Andrew parish for over 11 years, serving on the Parish council and teaching religious education.  Rita is now an active member of the Leaven Community's Salt and Light Lutheran congregation.  She is currently a member of the Leaven Sanctuary Core Team. 

Marco Mejía - Originally from Ecuador, Marco has been contributing to the growth, empowerment and success of a number of different non-profit and grassroots organizations, social movements and diverse communities in the struggles for equality, social, political and economic justice. Committed to working on efforts to promote change, improve the quality of life of individuals, families, and communities especially around racial, social, immigrant and worker justice. Marco has been a long time social justice activist, popular educator, community organizer and coalition builder.

Wendy Rankin - Wendy was born in Canada and has lived in Portland since 1977. She started at Multnomah County Health Department in 1982 as a community health educator and ended her career working in the area of developing public health policy with the County and the Oregon Public Health Institute. She has two grown daughters and three grandchildren living in Portland. Wendy is a member of First Unitarian Church Portland where she chairs the Immigrant Justice Action Group.