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"Portland Immigrants Rights Coalition and faith leaders deliver petition to Portland ICE offices demanding an end to raids on Central Americans" / Peter Parks

"We are outraged. We are grieving. But we are not helpless." Faith leaders urge faith communities and congregations to #FaithfulCivicEngagement in order to #EndFamilySeparation / Interfaith Immigration Coalition

Elsa and Thomas’ account of their refugee journey from Eritrea to the U.S. / Video collaboration PIRC / Groundswell Oregon

Manny and Mirella share their story of community accompaniment / Video collaboration PIRC / Groundswell Oregon

Sophie and Francisco’s story of family separation / Video collaboration PIRC / Groundswell Oregon

How immigration law and marriage discrimination put one couple's life together at risk / Video collaboration PIRC / Groundswell Oregon

Community celebration of Sanctuary in Portland with testimony from Francisco Aguirre and Francisco Tapia's family / Peter Parks

Francisco leaves Sanctuary in Portland after 80 days / KGW News, Portland, OR. (Watch on the KGW News website)

Francisco leaves Sanctuary in Portland after 80 days / KGW News, Portland, OR. (Watch on the KGW News website)


South Asian Asylum Seekers Find Healing and Hope After Sheridan Heartbreak: Law at the Margins / November 2018

Crossing the Border is Only the Beginning: Contra Corriente / October 29, 2018

IMIrJ is building power for immigrants: Street Roots / October 12, 2018

Group pleads with ICE to release detainees: 'Let our people go': Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice delivers letter: KOIN / July 31, 2018

Faith Leaders Say Sikh Refugees and Others in Oregon Prison Are Being Denied Access to Religious Services: Willamette Week / June 21, 2018

Religious leaders demand access to immigrants in Sheridan prison: KGW / June 21, 2018

Catholics rally at the Washington County Court House: Catholic Sentinel / June 19, 2018

Christians gather to protest 'zero-tolerance' immigration policy: Hillsboro Tribune / June 18, 2018

Vigil for asylum seekers at Oregon federal prison: KGW / June 18, 2018

Hundreds show up for vigil outside federal prison to rally against ICE policies: KATU / June 18, 2018

Hundreds gather for Sheridan Detention Facility vigil: KOIN / June 18, 2018

Hundreds gather outside ICE office in Portland to protest immigration policy: KATU / June 14, 2018

Rally marks NORCOR protest anniversary: The Dalles Chronicle / April 2018

Faith Leaders Call for Better Conditons for ICE Detainees in Ore. Jail: Public News Service / April 2018

Community protests ICE on eve of Passover: KOIN / March 2018

March 2018 Last Thursday WITNESS! Monthly IMIrJ ICE Vigil - Havurah Shalom: KGW8 / March 2018

A Growing Concern: Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition: December 2017

Portland's year of protests: Did they matter?: The Oregonian / November 2017

Hillsboro rallies for DACA, against ICE arrests,claims ICE agents are arresting people at the courthouse are being looked at: KOIN 6 / September 2017

Interfaith group protests outside Washington Co. courthouse over recent ICE arrests: KPTV FOX12 / September 2017

Monday morning vigil aims to bring transparency to ICE arrests: KATU / September 2017

Protesters' rioting mars May Day rally: IMIrJ voices need for peaceful protest / Portland Tribune - May 2017

Mother's Day Behind Bars: Cecil & Celeste welcome IMIrJ to discuss the annual road trip and vigil to support mothers and families affected by detention. / KBOO - May 8, 2017

ICE in the CITY / Portland Tribune - March 21, 2017

Faith Communities Help OR Immigrants Targeted for Deportation: Public News Service / March 10, 2017

How To Build An Underground Railroad in Portland: Willamette Week / March 8, 2017

Portland faith leaders condemn immigration rules: / February 24, 2017

‘Sanctuary congregations’ idea gains support in New Haven area: New Haven Register Politics / January 29 2017