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"Portland Immigrants Rights Coalition and faith leaders deliver petition to Portland ICE offices demanding an end to raids on Central Americans" / Peter Parks

Elsa and Thomas’ account of their refugee journey from Eritrea to the U.S. / Video collaboration PIRC / Groundswell Oregon

Manny and Mirella share their story of community accompaniment / Video collaboration PIRC / Groundswell Oregon

Francisco leaves Sanctuary in Portland after 80 days / KGW News, Portland, OR. (Watch on the KGW News website) 

Sophie and Francisco’s story of family separation / Video collaboration PIRC / Groundswell Oregon

How immigration law and marriage discrimination put one couple's life together at risk / Video collaboration PIRC / Groundswell Oregon

Community celebration of Sanctuary in Portland with testimony from Francisco Aguirre and Francisco Tapia's family / Peter Parks


Current Immigration Policies and the Injustices They Inflict on the Entire Community / KBOO hosts Hosts Celeste Carey and Cecil Prescod speak with Patricia Rumer and Marco Mejia from IMIrJ. August 2016

Homelessness and immigration: A global crisis / by IMIrJ/Ainsworth UCC member Pat Rumer for Street Roots. January 2016. 

Labor activist Francisco Aguirre leaves Augustana Lutheran Church sanctuary, heads to Fairview home / December 2014.

For the Majority of Undocumented Immigrants Who Remain in the Shadows, churches Offer Sanctuary/ In These Times November 2014. 

 Portland church gives refuge to immigrant threatened by deportation / The Guardian September 2014. 

Sanctuary and justice at Augustana Lutheran Church by Steve Duin for Oregon Live September 2014. 

Community rallies around Portland man fighting deportation / Fox12 Oregon September 2014.